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“ Fabulous not fake looking hair ”

Elanour Strauss - Company Magazine

“ There’s no glue & they’re really kind to the hair ”

Errol Douglas - Black Hair Magazine

“ Chemical free and gentle on the hair ”

Ashley Pearson - Daily Mail

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Micro Fine Hair Weave

Frequently asked questions

Q How long should my natural hair be to have a Real Hair Weave?

Q How is a Hair Weave attached?

Q How Long does it take to have A Micro Fine Hair Weave

Q Can I remove a weave myself?

Q Should I ‘rest’ my hair between Hair Weave services?

Q Can I reuse the extension hair?

Q How far in advance should I have Hair Weave prior to my wedding ?

Q What about the cut and Finish of the Hair Weave?

Q How will you match my hair colour to the Hair Weave?

Q What’s the longest length I can wear my Hair Weave?

Q Can a Hair Weave be used to add volume instead of length?.  

Q Can I add highlights using Natural Hair Weave?

Q Will my regular stylist be able to work with a Hair Weave?

Q Once the Hair Weave is in, will they feel heavy?

Q Can I colour my hair whilst wearing A Hair Weave?

Q How long will my Hair Weave last?

Q Can I wash my hair daily whilst wearing Hair Weave?

Q I work out daily, will my Hair Weave fall out if I sweat a lot?

Q Can I swim whilst wearing  Hair Weave?

Q Will sun bed sessions or sunbathing affect the Hair Weave?

Q Can I use hair straightners and hair dryers with my Hair Weave?

Q Do I have to use specific products to maintain my Hair Weave?

Q Is a Hair Weave difficult to look after?

Q How do I wash my hair whilst wearing a Hair Weave?

Q Can I thoroughly brush my hair whilst wearing a Hair Weave?

Q What do I do with my hair weave at night?