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Sew in hair wefts …

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Finish and style…

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Q How long should my natural hair be to have a Real Hair Weave?

A Ideally your hair should be at least 6 inches long


Q How is a Hair Weave attached?

A Weaving Hair Extensions are attached by sewing wefts of hair onto a finely braided base.

Q How Long does it take to have A Micro Fine Hair Weave

A Depending on the length, thickness of your hair it can be applied in under an hour generally.

Q Can I remove a weave myself?

A It is ALWAYS recommended you return to Shannel for a professional Hair Weave removal session.

Q Should I ‘rest’ my hair between Hair Weave services?

A This depends on you entirely.  There is minimal temporary strain on your hair with a hair weave.

Q Can I reuse the extension hair?

A Yes, this is because we use the best quality extension hair.  Do your best to keep your extension hair in top condition and you will be able to reuse it.  Q How far in advance should I have Hair Weave prior to my wedding day?

A It is best to have the a Hair Weave 10 days before your big day.

Q What about the cut and Finish of the Hair Weave?

A Shannel is a specialist in Hair Weave and hair loss solutions.  For your cut and finish it is recommended

that you visit an experienced stylist for an expert finish, this ensures you end up with the best possible result.

Cutting Hair Weave is slightly different to cutting natural hair; during your consultation Shannel

can recommend stylists she knows personally who are use to working with all types of Hair Weave.  

Q I do not live in London / Great Britain, how I get the Natural hair weave Service?

A Yes.  Please email us and we’ll make all the arrangements.

Q How will you match my hair colour to the Hair Weave?

A To match your hair colour to the Human Hair Weave Extension hair we use fibre swatches and then order

from these references.  Using colour swatches allows Shannel to achieve a ‘true colour’ match.  

Q What’s the longest length I can wear my Hair Weave?

A The extension hair is generally available up to 26 inches.  It may be possible to get a longer length

of extension hair by special order

Q Can a Hair Weave be used to add volume instead of length?

A Yes, in fact we often double weft hair extensions for ultimate volume.  

Q Can I add highlights using Natural Hair Weave?

A You can add slices of colour and highlights throughout your hair with a Hair Weave.

Q Once the Hair Weave are in, will they feel heavy?

A When your Hair Weave is first applied you will notice it is there, but after a couple of days it will feel exactly like your own hair

Q Can I colour my hair whilst wearing A Hair Weave?

A Yes.  Most clients wearing a Hair Weave touch up their crown area as normal .

Q How long will my Hair Weave last?

A Up to 8 weeks

Q Can I wash my hair daily whilst wearing Hair Weave?

A Yes

Q I work out daily, will my Hair Weave fall out if I sweat a lot?

A The Hair Weave will not deteriorate if you sweat.  In fact weaved hair extensions are so strong they are not vulnerable to any external elements including oils, heat and water.

Q Can I swim whilst wearing  Hair Weave?

A Yes, your Hair Weave will not be vulnerable to chlorine or salt water but remember to protect your extension hair to stop any risk of dry or brittle hair.

Q Will sun bed sessions or sunbathing affect the Hair Weave?

A A Hair Weave is not vulnerable to heat, just remember to protect your extension hair with a Leave In Conditioner or suitable extension hair product with a sun protection factor.

Q Can I use hair straightners and hair dryers with my Hair Weave?

A A Hair Weave attachments can withstand the same heat as natural hair so you are free to use and heated styling tool you choose.  Just remember to protect the extension hair with suitable products.

Q Do I have to use specific products to maintain my Hair Weave?

A No, you are free to use any products you desire but you may find hair extension products are more suitable.  During your consultation Shannel can recommend some fantastic products that work well with Hair Weave.

Q Is a Hair Weave difficult to look after?

A No, a Hair Weave is extremely easy to look after.  During your consultation you will receive clear and simple advice on how to keep your new Hair Weave fabulous.

Q How do I wash my hair whilst wearing a Hair Weave?

A Whilst wearing a Hair Weave it’s best to wash your hair in the shower.  Washing your Hair Weave with your head in an upright position helps prevent tangling.  

Q Can I thoroughly brush my hair whilst wearing a Hair Weave?

A Yes, daily brushing and combing is essential for keeping your Hair Weave in top condition and prevent matting and tangling.  During your consultation we can recommend brushes designed to be used with a Hair Weave.

Q Can I leave my Hair Weave loose when I go to sleep or is it best to tie it up at night?

A You leave your Hair Weave loose or tie it up depending on what suits you.  To keep the actual extension hair in the best condition it is better to tie it up or sleep on a silk pillowcase.  Cotton bedding absorbs moisture drying out skin and hair so it tying it up or sleeping on a less absorbent surface will help keep extension hair glossy.

Q Will my Hair Weave attachments change colour over time?

A The Hair Weave connection is just cotton and extension hair so it will not change colour throughout wear.

Q Will my regular stylist be able to work with a Hair Weave?

A Your regular stylist should have no problem working with a Hair Weave.  Because the attachments are just extension hair and cotton, the attachments are not vulnerable to heat or products and are extremely secure.  The Hair Weave are applied in neat, even rows so your stylist will find it easy to section and style your hair.

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