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Weave Me!

Sew in hair extensions

Sew in hair wefts …

(They’re super flat)


Hair weave London

Finish and style…

(Aaaaaand pose!)


Create a scalp braid …

(Inseey weeny little braid)



Hair weave London

Micro Fine Hair Weave.  

Low cost, luxurious hair…

Our micro fine hair weaves are applied in small discrete rows that lie flat against your scalp ensuring the extension hair blends perfectly with your natural hair.  Hair weaves are low maintenance and not vulnerable to heat, water or oils.  You can wear your hair weave for up to 8 weeks and if you reuse your extension hair you can save up to 60% each time!    

Our micro fine hair weaves are a fantastic low budget option for a hair makeover.  Lasting on average 8 weeks, you can add length and volume in around an hour.  Simply pop in, choose your colour and you’re ready to rock. Hair weaves are extremely easy to maintain and style.  You can use any hair products or styling tools and in some cases wear your hair in high ponytails! Our hair weaves start from as little as £100 + cost of hair.

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