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Hair extensions in London strand by strand hair extensions

Tie it all together …

(No glue, heat or chemicals)

strand by strand hair extensions


Finish and style…

(And pose of course)

Brown hair extensions after


Get prepped …

(Well just turn up!)

Glueless strand-by-

strand hair extensions.  

Fabulous for up to 150 days…

The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the centre, this does not come into contact with the natural hair.  The cotton provides a ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to  your hair. This creates an ultra-strong ‘bind’ -  stronger than even glue!

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Our strand-by-strand hair extension service is EXCLUSIVE to Secret Extensions.  Our unique way of applying extensions does not involve the use of glues or chemicals and is perfectly safe for damaged or very fine hair.  We use hand prepared Spanish extension hair which has a beautiful natural wave which can be blow dried straight easily.  Prices start from £400+cost of hair and there are no follow up maintenance costs.

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Choose from Remy Russian, Spanish, Brazillian or Indian hair or simply bring your own hair!